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Caithness NCC Park Sale Report 2017

The Thurso ram sale was held on Friday 15th September in Quoybrae Auction, Judges Mr Alan Smith & Mr Eann Brown were shown a large entry of rams in the shearling class, the groups & females were able judged by Mr John Burgess & Miss Ashley Burgess.

The Champion ram came from the Sebay pen of JS Baillie & Co, Lot 42 – Sebay Vermount a shearling by Oldfield Sunrise went on to sell for £5000 in a two way split between DN Campbell, Bardnaclavan & J & J Smith, Upper Cornquoy. Reserve Champion was again from the Sebay pen, Lot 43 – Sebay Vampire by Oldfield Sunrise sold for £4000 to DJ Allan, Durran Mains.
1st prize in the aged rams was Lot 51 from H Mill, Achscrabster – a three shear ram, Sebay Superstyle by Smiddyquoy Prince later sold for £350.
Standing first in the ram lamb class was Lot 22 – Ormlie Wullag Jack by Sebay Superman from W Campbell, Ormlie, this ram was sold for £250 to A Polson, Smerlie.

Groups of Three

1st – DN Campbell, Bardnaclavan
2nd – A Simpson, Cairnside
3rd – J & J Smith, Upper Cornquoy

Groups of Five

1st – J MacKay, Biggins
2nd – DN Campbell, Bardnaclavan

The overall in the groups went to J MacKay, Biggins pen of five.

Champion £5000

Sebay Vermount sired by Oldfield Sunrise from JS Baillie, Sebay

Reserve Champion £4000

Sebay Vampire sired by Oldfield Sunrise from JS Baillie, Sebay


Biggins Vivacious sired by Smiddyquoy Ranger from J & W Mackay, Biggins

Top Prices

Sebay – Lot 42 £5000, Lot 43 £4000
Biggins – Lot 35 £3200 (3rd in the show), Lot 38 £1400, Lot 32 & Lot 36 £1200
Bardnaclavan – Lot 74 £2600, Lot 68 & Lot 73 £1800 Lot 71 £1500
Cairnside – Lot 77 £1250 63


Rams sold to an average of £789.17 (+£84.81) for 2 rams less sold.
9 Gimmers sold to average £461.11 (+£61.11) for 1 less sold.

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