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Dingwall NCC Hill Sale Report 2017

The Annual Show & Sale of North Country Cheviot Rams was held at Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd on Friday 27th October 2017, which had an entry of over Hill 800 rams.

The pre-sale show was judged by Mr Craig Bradbury, Satchells, with the Overall Champion going to a four shear rams from Messrs JM Elliot & Partners, Woodside
Reserve Champion, a shearling from the Kinaldy home of Mr G Milne, Kinaldy Valentino by Whitehope Puma & out of a Kinaldy Ewe.

Top Price £4800

Kelso Tudor, 2 shear sired by Woodside Ned from kelsocleugh Farming, Kelso



Suisgill 2 shear sired by Bailenacraobh Model from Susigill Estate, Suisgill


Longoe Transformer. 2 shear sire4d by Heathmount Patriot from The Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust, Longoe

£2100 - Top Price Shearling

Thistle Venturer sired by Vrackside Smoking Gun from R Cameron, Thistle

Show Results

Shearling Rams

1st – Mr G Milne, Kinaldy
2nd – Mrs R Cameron, Thistle
3rd – Mr G MacLeod, Bailenacraobh

Two Shear Rams

1st – Messrs R & T Dun, Gilston
2nd – Suisgill Estate, Susigill
3rd – Mr N Montgomery, Ose

Aged Rams

1st – Messrs JM Elliot & Partners, Woodside
2nd – North Loch Naver Estates, North Loch Naver
3rd – Keoldale Sheep Club, Keoldale

Top Prices –

Susigill – £3800
Longoe – £3000
Thistle – £2100
Allanshaws, Bailenacraobh & Migdale – £2000
Inkstack – £1900
Achentoal (shepherds pack),Armadale,Bardnaclavan & Brackside – £1800 


Rams 746 averaged £499.20 (-£5.49 for 43 more rams sold)

Shearlings 173 sold to a top of £2100
Two Shears – 478 sold to a top of £4800
Three Shears – 77 sold to a top of £2000
Four Shears & Aged – 15 sold to a top of £1800
Ram Lambs – 3 sols to a top of £200


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