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Lairg NCC Hill Sale Report 2017

The Annual sale of North Country Cheviot Rams took place in Lairg on Tuesday 3rd October 2017, a good crowd was at the ringside throughout the sale which topped at £13000 for Lot 231, first in from the Suisgill pen by Bailenacraobh Model (bought in Lairg for £7000 in 2013) out of a Suisgill ewe it was bought in a two way split by WD Allen, Stouphill & JM Elliot & Partners, Woodside.

Early into the sale, Ousdale sold Lot 65, a 3 shear rams by North House Mandaric (bought in Dingwall for £2000) out of a Ousdale Ewe by Balnakeil Hamish for £10000 to Suisgill Estate, a second at £10000 was from the home of WD Allen, Stouphill, Lot 136 a two shear ram by Auldallan Phycho out of a Stouphill ewe was purchased by R Adams to join the Auldallan flock. Closely behind these at £9000 was Lot 182 from the Balnakeil pen, a two shear by Brackside Mump, he was bought by the Badanloch Estate who’s own pen had sold to a top of £7000 for Lot 82 a 3 shear by North Loch Naver Nomad earlier in the day.

Top Price £13000

Suisgill Topper, 2 shear sired by Bailenacrobh Model from Suisgill Estate, Suisgill


Stouphill Tam, 2 Shear sired by Auldallan Phycho from WD Allen, Stouphill


Ousdale Exquisite, 3 shear sired by North House Mandaric from We;beck Scottish Farms, Ousdale


Balnakeil Stamper, 2 shear sired by Brackside Mump from Messrs Elliot, Balnakeil


Rams 270 averaged £1128.40 (+142.14 up on the year)
Gimmers 1889 (+117) averaged £104.28 (-£21.86)
Ewes 6748 (+123) averaged £68.96 (-£15.15) 

Top Prices –

£13000 – Lot 231 Suisgill
£10000 – Lot 65 Ousdale
£10000 – Lot 136 Stouphill
£9000 – Lot 182 Balnakeil
£7800 – Lot 309 Hartside Hill
£7000 – Lot 82 Bardnaloch
£6200 – Lot 301 – Hethpool
£4800 – Lot 83 – Badanloch
£4500 – Lot 167 – Armadale

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