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Caithness NCC Park Ram Sale Report 2019

North Country Cheviot rams sold to a top price of £4100 at the breed society’s annual show and sale at Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ Caithness Livestock Centre last Friday.

The sale, which attracted buyers from Wales, Northern Ireland and Shetland, saw 58 rams average £831.55, back £124.06 on the year for nine less sold.

Leading the trade at £4100 was Bardnaclavan Xanadu, the first shearling through the ring from Johnnie Campbell’s 150-pure ewe flock at Bardnaclavan, Westfield, Thurso.

By the privately purchased Allanshaws Tank, he is out of a home-bred ewe by Smiddyquoy Freelander, and stood reserve male champion at the Royal Highland Show. The buyers were the Barclay family, Harestone, Crathes, Banchory.

The same home then received £2200 for Bardnaclavan X Boyfriend, when sold to George Cormack, Wester Dunnet, Thurso. This shearling is by Sebay Vermount, out of a home-bred ewe by Allanshaws Silverstar, which stood second in her class at the Caithness County Show.

Later in the sale, Mr Campbell sold his female champion for £1400 to JS Armstrong, Leam House, Enniskillin, Co Fermanagh. By the £1400 Durran Thunder, out of a home-bred ewe by Allanshaws Silverstar, this gimmer stood second in her class at the Highland.

James Mackay of the 50-ewe Biggins flock near Killimster, Wick, sold his overall champion for £4000 to Messrs T Sinclair, Reaster, Lyth, Wick. This was Biggins Xyler, a shearling by Smiddyquoy Ransom, out of a home-bred ewe by the £4500 Bardnaclavan Champion.

Mr Mackay’s reserve champion, a shearling named Biggins Xach, sold down to Wales for £2600 with M Thomas, Knowle Farm, New Radnor, Presteigne. Reserve champion at the Black Isle Show, he is by Overton Wizard, out of a home-bred ewe by Biggins Samson.

Andrew Polson, who runs his 180-ewe Smerlie flock at Roadside, Smerlie, Lybster, received £2400 and £2200, respectively.

Dearest was Smerlie Xtreme, a shearling by the £3000 Allanshaws Sensation, out of a home-bred ewe, which sold to James Baillie and sons Hamish and Balfour from Sebay, Tankerness, Orkney.

The other was a similarly aged ram named Smerlie Xavier, by the £3800 Upper Cornquoy Trademark, which was knocked down to Charlie Angus, Oldfield, Thurso.

James Allan, Durran Mains, Thurso, sold Durran Xizang, by Bardnaclavan Terminator, for £2200 to W and S McCarthy, Myrelandhorn and HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Castle of Mey Trust, Longoe.

On the other side of the coin, the Baillie family from Sebay, sold two shearlings for £2000 apiece.

First at this money when purchased by Findlins Farm, Hillswick, Shetland, was Sebay Xtra Special, by Nistaben Wonderboy, while the other Sebay Xcitable, by Wester Trouble Maker, sold to J and M MacDonald, Tormore, Dunbeath.

Top Price £4100

Bardnacalvan Xanadu sired by Allanshaws Tank from DN Campbell, Bardnaclavan

Champion £4000

Biggins Xyler sired by  Smiddyquoy Ransom from JW Mackay, Biggins


Biggins Xach sired by Overton Wizard from JW Mackay, Biggins



Smerlie Xtreme sired by Allanshaws Sensation from Andrew Polson, Smerlie

Prize list

Shearling ram –

1, Lot 80 – J & W Mackay, Biggins;
2, – Lot 52 – J & W Mackay, Biggins;
3, Lot 73 – C & I Angus, Oldfield, Thurso

Aged ram –

1, – Lot 71 – The Queen Mother, Castle of Mey Trust;
2, – Lot 9 – HH & A Swanson, Tister;
3, Lot 46 – R & N Barclay, Harestone, Banchory

Group of three shearlings –

1, DN Campbell and Sons, Bardnaclavan 19,20,26;
2, DJ and M Allan, Durran Mains 62,63,64;
3, J and W Mackay, Biggins 79,81,85

Ram lamb –

1, Lot 16 R and K Sutherland, Hilliclay;
2, Lot 17 – R and K Sutherland, Hilliclay

Female –

1, Lot 99 DN Campbell and Sons, Bardnaclavan;
2, R and K Sutherland, Hilliclay;
3, R and K Sutherland, Hilliclay

Overall Champion –

Lot 80 – J & W Mackay, Biggins;

Reserve Champion –

Lot 82 – J & W Mackay Biggins

FLOCK averages

FLOCK(NO)                         TOP                        2019                       2018

Bardnaclavan(7)                   £4100                    £1485.71              £1210(10)

Sebay(4)                             £2000×2                £1325                   £650(7)

Biggins(7)                           £4000                    £1300                  £1368.75(8)

Durran Mains(4)                  £2200                   £1175                    £633.33(3)

Roadside(7)                        £2400                   £875.14                £1040(3)

By Katrina Macarthur


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