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Dingwall NCC Hill Ram Sale Report 2019

A new centre record was reached at Dingwall on Friday 25th October with a Two Shear ram from Martyn Cook’s Dorrery Flock, which had stood reserve champion in the pre-sale show, selling for £10500.
The show was judged by Mr Pete Tweddie, Buchtrig, finding his champion in the Badanloch pen, a three shear ram by Hethpool Rivet & out of  homebred Badanloch ewe he went on to sell for £1700.

With a strong show of rams out the results of the show were –


1st – Lot 598 G Ross, Migdale
2nd – Lot 835 Kelsocleugh Farming, Kelso
3rd – Lot 597 G Ross, Migdale

2 Shears

1st – Lot 205 M Cook, Dorrery
2nd – Lot 203 B, G & J Thomson, T-3
3rd – Lot 237 F Renwick, Inverbroom


1st – Lot 406 Badanloch Estate, Badanloch
2nd – Lot 658 Messrs Elliot, Woodside
3rd – Lot 546 WD Allen, Stouphill

Champion –

3 Shear Ram from Badanloch Estate

Reserve Champion –

2 Shear Ram from M Cook

Top Price £10500 New Centre Record

Dorrery Samrt Cookie, 2 shear from M Cook, Dorrery


Inverbroom W 02460, 2 shear sired by Suisgill Parahardy from F & S Renwick, Inverbroom


Inkstack Vodka Shot, 3 shear sired by Inkstack Insignia from L & T Robertson, Inkstack


Longoe Warlord, 2 shear sired by Longoe Transformer from Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust, Longoe


Rams 663 averaged £532.29 (2018 averaged £413.38 for 725 sold)

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