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Bryncir Sale Report 2020

The Annual show & sale of North Country Cheviot Rams & Females took place at Bryncir Auction on Saturday 26th September 2020, with the champion gimmer taking the top spot at the sale too.


A social distanced show took place, in line with the current Covid-19 regulations, vendors let the exhibits run into the alley before them being penned for the judge, Mr David Beech to handle them.
Mr Beech’s overall champion came from the Eithinog flock of Ifan Huw Hughes, a homebred gimmer sired by Eithinog Van Basten out of a homebred ewe by Bardnaclavan Topman she clearly made an impression on the judge who went on to buy her for the days top price of £900.
Also meeting with the judges approval was the Reserve Champion, a two shear Soutra Xpendable sired by Jethart Trigger from JH Williams, Pengroes sold to DJ Roberts, Ty Corniog for the second top proce of £600.

Mr Roberts, Ty Corniog went on to top the shearling ram trade, receiving £480 for his 2nd place ram, followed by another at £400 – in total selling 11 rams averaging £290.11.

Other notable prices included £360 & £250 for two rams from Ifan Huw Hughes, Eithinog & £350 for the 1st prize shearling ram from AD Jones, Penbache.

Females were in the strong demand on the day with aged ewes selling to £290 from AD Jones, Penbache & £230 from I Hughes, Pencraig.
Shearlings topped at £900 for the Overall Champion from Ifan Huw Hughes, Eithinog, followed by £300 & £280 twice for DW Roberts, Hafod.
Ewe lambs concluded the sale at £410 for two from Ifan Huw Hughes, Eithinog.

Sale Averages –

Rams 44 sold averaging £269.84
Ewes 7 sold averaging £204.29
Gimmers 11 sold averaging £295
Ewe Lambs 30 sold averaging £193

Top Price & Champion Male Ram - Soutra Xpendable £600

Top Price & Champion Female - Gimmer from IH Hughes, Eithinog £900

Show Results

Aged Ram

1st – JH Williams & Son, Pengroes
2nd – Ifan Huw Hughes, Eithinog
3rd – R & S Williams, Muriau

Shearling Ram

1st – AD Jones, Penbache
2nd – DJ Roberts, Ty Corniog
3rd – Ifan Huw Hughes, Eithinog

Ram Lamb

1st – I & S Williams, Bryn Meirion

Champion Male 

JH Williams, Pengroes – Soutra Xpendable

Reserve Champion Male

AD Jones, Penbache – Shearling Ram


1st – AD Jones, Penbache
2nd – I Hughes, Pencraig
3rd – JA Jones, Coed Y Glyn

Shearling Gimmer

1st – Ifan Huw Hughes, Eithinog
2nd – DW Roberts, Hafod
3rd – I & S Williams, Brun Meirion

Ewe Lamb

1st – Ifan huw hughes, Eithinog
2nd – JH Williams, Pengroes
3rd – DJ Roberts, Ty Corniog

Champion Female

Ifan Huw Hughes, Eithinog – Gimmer by Eithinog Van Basten out of homebred ewe by Bardnaclavan Topman

Reserve Champion Female

Ifan Huw Hughes, Eithinog – Ewe Lamb

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