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Lockerbie Females Sale Report 2020

The Annual sale of In Lamb Females & Ewe Hoggs was held on Saturday 8th February 2020 at Lockerbie Auction, the Pre-Sale Show was judged by Mr Brendan Drew, Gill Beck who was presented with a very high standard of females to judge, his Champion came from the good home of CR Graham, Carruthers, Lot 44 a Gimmer by Gilston Rebus in lamb to Synton Xplosion, later going home with the judge for £1500.
Reserve Champion was Lot 17, a Humbleheugh Wham Bam sired ewe hogg from Jenifer Cowan, Hightae selling for £900 & heading home to Perthshire to join the Colony flock of Thomas Kerr.
Top price on the day came from the same good home, another ewe hogg by Humbleheugh Wham Bam, Lot 19 which sold for £1800 & heads to Derbyshire to join James Burtons, Ilamtops flock. Although not many Hill sheep were entered the demand for them was strong, Jim Thomson’s Kelso pen sold to £1300 for his 1st prize two crop ewe by Kelso Talbot sold in lamb to Hethpool Walter she joins the Habost flock of Angus Maclean, not far behind was the 2nd prize gimmer, also from Kelso, by Kelso Vice Chancellor & in lamb to Cashlie Warlord, she joins the McCaig flock for £1000.

Averages –

9 Aged Ewes £540
19 Gimmers £567.34
22 Hoggs £437.73

Show Results



1st – Lot 30 KO Stones, Nun Cote Nook
2nd – Lot 43 CR Graham, Carruthers
3rd – 31 KO Stones, Nun Cote Nook


1st – Lot 44 CR Graham, Carruthers
2nd – Lot 33 KO Stones, Nun Cote Nook
3rd – Lot 32 KO Stones, Nun Cote Nook

Ewe Hogg

1st – Lot 17 Jenifer Cowan, Hightae
2nd – Lot 37 KO Stones, Nun Cote Nook
3rd – Lot 48 CR Graham, Carruthers


1st – Lot 54 Kelsocleugh Farming, Kelso
2nd – Lot 55 Kelsocleugh Farming, Kelso
3rd – Lot 56 Kelsocleugh Farming, Kelso


CR Graham, Carruthers – Gimmer sired by Gilson Rebus in lamb to Synton Xplosion

Reserve Champion

Jenifer Cowan, Hightae – Hogg sired by Humbleheugh Wham Bam

Top Prices

£1800 Lot 19 – Hogg, J Cowan, Hightae
£1500 Lot 44 – Gimmer, CR Graham, Carruthers
£1500 Lot 47 – Hogg, CR Graham, Carruthers
£1400 Lot 37 – Hogg, KO Stones, Nun Cote Nook
£1300 Lot 54 – Ewe, Kelsocleugh Farming, Kelso
£1000 Lot 55 – Gimmer, Kelsocleugh Farming, Kelso

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