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Lockerbie Hill Sale Report 2020

The Annual sale of North Country Cheviot Hill rams was held at Lockerbie Auction on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 – a tremendous entry of rams met a brisk trade.

Top price came late in the day from the Benger pen of George Irving, Lot 339 Benger X 13183, a two shear sired by Woodside 7309 & out of a homebred ewe sold for £9000 & joins the Kelso flock of Jim Thomson.
Three rams in total acheived £7000, first was Lot 45 Commonside X-Factor this two shear ram sired by Philiphaugh Target was first in the ring from WW Dunlop & Son, Commonside & was bought by Willie & Jim Thomson, Hownam Grange, next at the same money was Lot 220 Hownam Grange Xavier sired by Newbank Spitfire, heads north to RM Adam & Son, Auldallan. Lot 277 Hethpool Xpat was the third at £7000, sired by Hethpool Tower was purchased by R & A Tayforth, Side Farm.

Sorbietrees X Rated sired by Sorbietrees V6, first in the this good home sold for £6000 to Pete Tweedie, Buchtrig.
The Kelso pen of Jim Thomson received £4500 twice, Lot 64 Kelso Xtra Special sired by Hownam Grange Nemesis joins APA Waugh, Elsdonburn & Lot 65 Kelso X 10837 sired by Bedshiel Rockall heads to the Raehills flock. A further two from the same good home sold for £4000 Lot 66 Kelso Xylocarp this two shear ram again sired by Bedshiel Rockall was purchased by Philiphaugh Estates for the Philphaugh flock & Lot 69 Kelso X 10928 sired by Kelso Vice Chancellor heads into the Lake District to Tom Iredale’s, Greenbank Farm flock.
Another two rams acheived £4500, Lot 236 Hownam Grange Xackery sired by Newbank Spitfire was purchased by Gillespie Farms & Lot 276 Hethpool X Factor sired by Hethpool Tower joins the Newbank flock of Hugh & Sandy Wilson.  

A total of 35 rams sold for £2000 & above, mainly joining breeders flocks, however with the bulk of rams selling at good commercial trade there was something for every budget on the day.

Benger X 13183 from George Irving, Benger £9000

Commonide X Factor from WW dunlop & Son, Commonside £7000

Hownam Grange Xavier from W & J Thomson, Hownam Grange £7000

Hethpool Xpat from Messrs Elliot, Hethpool £7000

Sorbietrees X Rated from Sorbietrees Farms Ltd, Sorbietrees £6000

Kelso Xtra Special from Kelsocleugh Farming, Kelso £4500

Kelso X 10837 from Kelsocleugh Farming, Kelso £4500

Hownam Grange Xackery from W & J Thomson, Hownam Grange £4500

Hethpool X Factor from Messrs Elliot, Hethpool £4500


The sale of North Country Cheviot Hill females was held on Tuesday 22nd September 2020 at Lockerbie Auction – all ages were in strong demand for quality breeding.
Draft ewes topped at £165 for a pen of 25 from Messrs Allen, Stouphill, this was closely followed by a pen of 20 at £160 for Messrs Elliot, Hethpool.
Gimmers were topped at £260 for 10 from Messrs Ward, Whitstonehill, followed at £250 for a pen of 25 from Messrs Flintoff, Cocklawfoot who averaged £219 for their run of 149 gimmers.
Ewe lambs achieved a top of £200 for 2 from Craig MacKinnon, 23 Durine, closely followed by 5 at £190 from James McCaig Farms, McCaig. Philiphaugh Estates run of 200 lambs had next top price for a pen of 50 at £170 & averaging £139.50 for the run.

Averages -

278 Rams (28 more on the year) averaged £1055.97 (+£60.37)
1365 Ewes (411 less on the year) averaged £137.85 (+£51.59)
653 Gimmers (253 less on the year) averaged £207.34 (+£74.12)
1133 Ewe Lambs (415 more on the year) averaged £118.58 (+£23.32)

Leading Flock Averages

Flock Number Sold Top Price Average
Bneger 4 £9000 £2587
Commonside 5 £7000 £2240
Kelso 11 £4500 £2172
Auldallan 4 £2800 £2050
Hartside Hill 7 £3200 £1850
Hethpool 16 £7000 £1706
Attonburn 16 £4000x2 £1456
Hownam Grange 22 £7000 £1413
Sorbietrees 10 £6000 £1330
Whitehope 9 £2800 £1316


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