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Monmouthshire Show & Sale Report

The Annula Show & Sale of North Country Cheviot Females & Rams was held on Friday 27th August 2021, with a tremendous entry of over 300 females & 18 rams at Monmouthshire L:ivestock Centre.

A pre-sale show was held again this year, with Julie Earle, LLwyncrwn doing the honours & picking her Park Champion out of the Brimley pen of Sam Pedrick, a homebred shearling ewe by Broomhillbank Viper, she later sold for the top price of the day, 560gns (£588) to Mr & Mrs Howell, Lundy. Sam Pedrick also won the Soutra Shield  which had been kindly donated by the Matthewson Family, Soutra for the Champion Park sheep. In reserve place was a Ewe Lamb from Ben Baker's BB flock, sired by Overacres Xtravagant.

Champion in th Hill section came from the Pengroes flock of Melfyn Williams, a homebred shearling sired by Campbells X Rated which later sold for 190gns (£199.50) & standing reserve was a 3 shear ewe sired by a Heathmount sire from Gareth Hughes, Glan-Ithon flock going on to sell for 210gns (£220.50)

Katy Davies & Dafydd Owens, Pent-YBont flock brough a ewe lamb forward to sell to raise money in aid of Sepsis Trust UK, in memmory of Hannah Brown - following some spirited bidding she was eventually knocked down for 500gns (£525) to John Lloyd, Cefn.

Overall the sale acheived a 90% clearance on the day with strong demand for quality throughout the sale.

Show Results

Park - Aged Ewe

1st - JH Williams, Pengroes
2nd - AD Jones, Penbache


Park - Shearling Ewe

1st - S Pedrick, Brimley
2nd - JH Williams, Pengroes
3rd - KO Stones, Nun Cote Nook

Park - Ewe Lamb

1st - B Baker, BB
2nd - D Williams, Muddy Plox
3rd - D Williams, Muddy Plox

Park - Rams

1st - G Davies, Brefi
2nd - AD Jones, Penbache
3rd - G Hughes, Glan-Ithon


S Pedrick - Shearling Ewe sired by Broomhillbank Viper

Reserve Champion

B Baker - Ewe Lamb sired by Overacres Xtravagant


Hill - Aged Ewe

1st - G Hughes, Glan-Ithon

Hill - Shearling Ewe

1st - M Williams, Pengroes
2nd - G Price, Cymraeg
3rd - G Hughes, Glan-Ithon

Hill - Ewe Lamb

1st - M Williams, Pengroes
2nd - G Price, Cymraeg



M Williams - Shearling Ewe sired by Campbells X Rated

Reserve Champion

G Hughes - 3 Shear Ewe sired by Heathmount sire


Park Champion & Reserve

Hill Champion & Reserve

Judge - Julie Earle, Llwyncrwn.

Sale Averages -


38 Ewe averaged 165gns (£173.25)
112 Shearling Ewes averaged 245gns (£257.25)
44 Ewe Lambs averaged 184gns (£193.20)
15 Rams avaerged 430gns (£451.50)

Hill -

24 Ewes averaged 142gns (£149.10)
65 Shearlings averaged 191gns (£200.55)
3 Rams averaged 430gns (£451.50)

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