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Cheviot Mule Sale Dates 2024


The Cheviot Mule is growing in popularity due to its ability to rear quality lambs, lambs produced out of the Cheviot Mule have the leaness & conformation required for today's markets. The Cheviot Mule is the offspring of a North Country Cheviot ewe with a Traditional Type Bluefaced Leicester sire.

When crossed with a terminal sire, either native or continental, Cheviot Mules produce top quality prime lambs that generate a greater return at market than almost any other breed.

As a top performing hill breed, both the Park and Hill varieties of North Country Cheviots truly put their stamp on the Cheviot Mule, more than any other Cheviot type sheep.

The Northie produces a hardy animal that breeds consistency, grows quickly, benefits from a very high level of health, produces vigorous lambs, displays fantastic mothering qualities, and is often referred to as the ultimate lamb producer.

Northie blood also ensures Cheviot Mule ewes are easy to handle at lambing time and lamb with few problems, making lambing much easier for those managing large, commercial flocks.

For the commercial sheep breeder, the Cheviot Mule offers a range of benefits in terms of health, management, and price, with very few, if any, drawbacks.


C&D Auction Mart
01228 791215

1st Sale of Cheviot Mule Gimmers & Ewe Lambs
Tuesday 27th August 2024

2nd Sale of Cheviot Mules
Tuesday 17th September 2024

United Auctions
01466 792148

Sale of NC-Cheviot Mules 

Bentham & District Farmer's Auction Mart
015242 61444

Show & Sale of Cheviot Mule Gimmer Lambs

For informtion on the individual sales please contact the Auction companies.

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